Dia Internacional da Cor

The scope and extent of the influence of the phenomenon of the colour of light on the life and culture of human being, justified the existence of an annual brand in the world, so that reflection and information would lead to the implementation of more pedagogical actions, promoting the organization of exhibitions, meetings, seminars and other events within the wide range of colour phenomena in society.

The idea of ​​commemorating this day came in 2008 by Manuel Pais Clemente (then Chairman of the Board of the General Assembly of APCor). A year later Maria João Durão (then President of the Board of APCor) took the proposal to establish an International Colour Day, to the 11th Congress of the AIC (International Colour Association) in Sydney/Australia. When this day was approved, it started to be celebrated worldwide on March 21st, the day of the equinox, in which night and day are symbolically equal. An application for the adoption of the celebration of ‘World Day’ by UNESCO is being organized.